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The Planning Process


Mind Map on The Planning Process, created by Tracey English on 11/20/2015.
Tracey English
Mind Map by Tracey English, updated more than 1 year ago
Tracey English
Created by Tracey English over 6 years ago

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The Planning Process
  1. 1. Referral
    1. Different Types
      1. Eligibility Criteria
        1. Initial Assessment
          1. Outcome of referral
          2. 2. Assessment Stage
            1. Who is involved
              1. Types of tools
                1. Outcomes of assessment
                2. 3. Intervention
                  1. Essential before beginning
                    1. Outcome of intervention
                    2. 4. Evaluation
                      1. Goal met
                        1. Goal not met
                        2. Conclusion
                          1. Introduction
                            1. Planning
                              1. Essential for planning
                                1. Outcomes of planning
                                  1. Interventions
                                    1. E.g.s of Types
                                      1. Outcome besed
                                        1. Evidence based
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