Case study: Sao Paulo

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Case study: Sao Paulo
  1. Location
    1. In the Diadema favela
      1. Outskirts of sao paulo
      2. 1 hour bus journey to centre of city
      3. The scheme details
        1. cost $30 million
          1. Local residents provided labour
            1. Groups of people were encouraged to build own homes
            2. Local authority provided basic services
              1. Eg. water, electricity and sewerage system
              2. better quality of life for 80,000 people
              3. Advantages
                1. cost of scheme relatively cheap
                  1. more houses could be provided
                    1. money saved by scheme could be used for buying other amenities
                      1. clean water supply
                        1. tarred roads
                          1. community centre
                        2. improve local skills, makes residents more desirable to employ
                          1. more space for families
                            1. safer connection to key services e.g. electricity
                              1. created community spirit
                              2. Disadvantages
                                1. city authourities still can't keep up with rising levels of rural to urban migration
                                  1. slums still exist an are ever increasing
                                  2. the success of the scheme depends on motiation of locals and building materials
                                    1. not all groups were skilled or motivated
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