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  1. Ionic
    1. definition: bond between a metal and a non metal
      1. electrostatic attraction between opposite charges (+/-) formed as a result of electron transfer
        1. positive ions (cations) and negative ions (anions)
          1. giant lattice structure formed. For example, Sodium Chloride (NaCl)
      2. Covalent
        1. definition: electrostatic attraction of two nuclei with a shared pair of electrons
          1. Macromolecular structures
            1. many atoms joined together by very strong covalent bonds- e.g. diamond and graphite
            2. Simple Molecules
              1. weak intermolecular forces, however strong covalent bonds
                1. determine melting and boiling point
              2. Dative Covalent/ Co-ordinate Bond
                1. definition: both of the shared electrons are from the same atom in a covalent bond
              3. Metallic
                1. definition: electrostatic attraction between positively charged metallic cations and delocalised electrons
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