Almost Home

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Reba and Sugar are homless

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Almost Home
  1. The conflict is that sugar and Reba loss their house and don't have a place to live.
    1. The reason they lost their house was because Reba's husband, Mr. Leeland, used all their money to gamble and never paid them back.
    2. The theme is that even if something seams really hard, you just have to work hard and stay tough and chances are you will be able to over come it.
      1. This is brought out by Sugar and Reba going through losing their house and they got back on there feet by staying tough.
      2. The main characters are Reba, Sugar and shush
        1. Shush is the dog
          1. Shush was given to Sugar while sugar was waiting for her mom to come out of the store. A little girl came up and gave it to her.
            1. Shush is a very calm dog and never barks. She is very shy because she was kicked when she lived with the other family.
            2. Reba is Sugar's mom.
              1. Reba is very strong but not while she's in the hospital.
                1. All Reba wants is for Sugar to have a good home to live in and to be happy.
                2. Sugar is the main character
                  1. Sugar is a very strong girl who can go through a lot.
                    1. Sugar is put in a foster home while Reba is in the hospital.
                  2. Setting
                    1. 2012
                      1. Chicago and Missouri
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