I'd Tell You I Love You But Then I'd Have To Kill You

Carya Schramm
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Mind map of my Q1 book project

Carya Schramm
Created by Carya Schramm about 4 years ago
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I'd Tell You I Love You But Then I'd Have To Kill You
1 Characters
1.1 Liz
1.1.1 smart
1.1.2 timid
1.2 Macey
1.2.1 bold
1.2.2 strong
1.3 Bex
1.3.1 athletic
1.3.2 pretty
1.4 Cammie
1.4.1 caring
1.4.2 invisible
1.5 Josh
1.5.1 nice
1.5.2 popular
1.6 Mrs.Morgan
1.6.1 overprotective
1.6.2 headmistress
1.7 Mr. Solomon
1.7.1 good teacher
1.7.2 stubborn
1.8 Tina
1.8.1 local jabbermouth
1.8.2 fast
1.9 Anna
1.9.1 short
1.9.2 shy
2 Setting
2.1 The Gallagher Academy For Exceptional Young Women
2.2 start of first semester/end of first semester. Fall/early winter
2.3 Roseville, Virginia
3 Plot
3.1 Cammie wants to be a normal 15 year old girl. That's kind of hard when you're a spy. Which she is. Well, at least she's training to be a spy, so she gets herself a boyfriend. Now said boyfriend doesn't know the truth about the academy. It's an all girls school with no boys in it whatsoever. Not counting the teachers of course.
4 Theme
4.1 The truth will come out one way or another and you can't run from your fears.
4.2 Cammie tries to keep her boyfriend a secret, it works. At least until the CoveOps final.
5 Main Conflict
5.1 The boy sees her when she doesn't want to be seen.
5.2 Cammie is dating a boy and her mother doesn't know about it.

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