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Seminar Final Essay


Social Activist Performance Final Essay
Joe  Cruz
Mind Map by Joe Cruz, updated more than 1 year ago
Joe  Cruz
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Seminar Final Essay
  1. How constitutive elements of performance; Performer, spectator, and space function in the final class performance.
    1. How script/performance fits into the cultural/historical trajectory of social activist theatre and performance in the United States. Compare and contrast the class performance with at least three other scripts or performances discussed in class during the semester.
      1. No Saco Nada De La Escuela
        1. Waiting for Lefty
          1. Black Love Song
          2. Specific social issues you believe the script performed by the class
            1. Whether or not it was effective in addressing these issues.
            2. Based on experiences in class, articulate the purpose/function of social activist performance in current U.S. society.
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