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OT role in CMHT


The role of Occupational therapy in CMHTs
Georgia Joseph
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Georgia Joseph
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OT role in CMHT
  1. CMHT members
    1. Nurses
      1. Social workers
        1. Consultants and doctors
          1. Support time and recovery workers (STR)
            1. Family support workers
              1. Occupational Therapists
                1. Psychologists
                2. What I have noticied
                  1. Undervalued, underapreciated and unknown
                    1. Other professions not knowing what OT can do
                      1. They don't understand what makes OT unique and believe other professions do the same job
                      2. OT doesn't sell itself
                        1. Leading to lack of confidence
                        2. Impact on funding
                          1. Posts not being replaced
                            1. Re-interviewing and down banding to save money
                          2. Lack of role definition
                            1. OTs are doing generic role/ care coordinator
                              1. SUs are on OT caseloads without specific OT needs
                            2. Recovery model (London MH models of care)
                              1. Holistic approach
                                1. Focus: recover a meaningful life, instead of finding a cure and eradicating symptoms
                                  1. Identify and implement healthy habits and routines to support a wellness lifestyle (AOTA 1)
                                    1. Information around monitoring physical health and managing physical conditions including smoking cessation (AOTA 1)
                                    2. Guiding principles: hope and optimism
                                      1. Process to build resilience, not an end goal
                                        1. Strong support systems
                                          1. Family and friends
                                            1. Professionals and relevant services
                                            2. Person centred with a shared decision making process (AOTA 1)
                                            3. OT interventions (AOTA)
                                              1. Employment support- guidance and consultation
                                                1. Provide educational programs
                                                  1. E.g. Stress management, social skills, self-awareness, treatment groups
                                                  2. Facilitating development of skills required for living independently
                                                    1. E.g. Managing time, money, resources, medication and being safe
                                                    2. Promote participation in leisure activities and developing vocational interests
                                                      1. Guidance around activities of daily living (ADLs)
                                                        1. Environment
                                                          1. Evaluate and adapt to optimise functioning and independence
                                                            1. E.g. Home, work, school
                                                            2. Identify values, needs and goals (AOTA 1)
                                                            3. "the forgotton speciality" (1989)
                                                              1. The profession lacks confidence in itself and its relation to psychiatry
                                                                1. Due to lack of evaluative research, highlighting OT skills and capabilities
                                                                  1. Other professions including psychiatrists unaware of OT skills
                                                                    1. This would improve clinical practice, increase confidence and prevelance of OT services
                                                                2. Service user experience
                                                                  1. Referred to CMHT by: GP, A&E, inpatient units
                                                                    1. OT goals, promote independence, graded activities, recovery pathway, support with ADLs, employment, access to services and involvement in community
                                                                      1. Assessments: Risk, environmental, OT needs, screening for groups, mood, cognition, ?MOHOST
                                                                        1. Care pathways developed with service user; identifying risks, triggers, history and coping strategies amongst more information about the SU
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