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Kobe Duda's Michael Vey Mind Map


This is Kobe Duda's 2nd Quarter book project mind map on the book "Michael Vey: The Prisoner of Cell 25" by Richard Paul Evans.
Kobe Duda
Mind Map by Kobe Duda, updated more than 1 year ago
Kobe Duda
Created by Kobe Duda over 6 years ago

Resource summary

Kobe Duda's Michael Vey Mind Map
  1. Setting
    1. Early
      1. Idaho
        1. Modern
        2. Late
          1. Pasadena, CA
            1. Modern
          2. Characters
            1. Michael Vey
              1. Courageous
                1. Powerful
                2. Taylor Ridley
                  1. Kind
                    1. Clever
                    2. Ostin Liss
                      1. Smart
                        1. Socially Akward
                      2. Main Conflict
                        1. Michael and Taylor have secret powers, and when an organization called the Elgen Academy finds out, they capture Michael and Taylor to research their powers. Now Michael and Taylor must team up with the other prisoners to escape Elgen Academy.
                          1. The conflict was caused by Michael and Taylor researching their powers and birthplaces, which led the Elgen Academy right to them.
                          2. Theme
                            1. Stay Strong, even when put under immense pressure
                              1. This theme is brought out in the book especially when Taylor and Michael refuse Dr. Hatches orders, knowing it could result in severe punishment. Because they stayed strong, they were able to free their friends.
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