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  1. found in foods and used for energy
    1. only three nutrients provide energy
      1. carbohydrates, Protein, and fat
        1. Carbohydrates come in two ways. simple and complex
          1. simple carbohydrates are unpopular because they come from unhealthy food with little nutrients
            1. complex carbohydrates are rich in vitamins and fiber and are a great source of energy
      2. nutrients fuel your body the same way gas fuels cars so if you don't get the nutrients you wont function well just like if you put the wrong fuel in a car
        1. your body needs nutrients to
          1. fuel you
            1. help you grow
              1. repair itself
                1. maintain basic body functions
                2. water is the most important of the nutrients. Without it you will die
                  1. Protein helps your body maintain and retain tissue
                    1. protein can not be stored by the body for later use so it should be consumed multiple times throughout the day
                      1. there are two types of proteins. complete and incomplete
                        1. complete contain the 9 essential amino acids and incomplete do not
                  2. Fats,vitamins, and minerals are very important
                    1. Carbohydrates are an ideal source of energy for your body
                      1. 55% to 65% of what you consume should be carbohydrates
                        1. you cant digest fiber but it helps digestion
                          1. your body can produce 11 of the 20 amino acids
                            1. there are three types of fat, trans, saturated, and unsaturated
                              1. Cholesterol
                                1. A fat like substance found in the body
                                  1. is found in animal products
                                  2. Cholesterol can help the body but too much can be harmful to your body
                                    1. Not being active raises cholesterol more than foods with high cholesterol levels
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