The Death Cure by James Dashner

Emma Terronez
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Emma Terronez
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Quarter 2 Book Project

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The Death Cure by James Dashner
  1. Theme
    1. The message of this book is to always fight for something you believe in, like how Thomas thought he would someday be able to leave WICKED and become a free person and live without being controlled.
    2. Setting
      1. WICKED headquarters
        1. Future or Modern Time
          1. Crank Palace
            1. Denver
            2. Main Conflict
              1. While he's there he needs to be able to get every immune out of WICKED's property.
                1. Thomas needs to get the device that can shut down WICKED into WICKED's headquarters, so he has to go back.
                  1. Thomas' friend Newt was he only one of his close friends that was not an immune, so he goes through a lot of tough times dealing with the Flare.
                  2. WICKED is trying to use all of the immune's brains to save the human race, but they need to actually take Thomas' brain in order for the Killzone tests to be complete.
                2. Character
                  1. Gally
                    1. Helpful
                      1. Friendly
                      2. Thomas
                        1. Understanding
                          1. Determined
                          2. Newt
                            1. Unwanted
                              1. Upset
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