Wild Things

Morgan Simms
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Morgan Simms
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Wild Things

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Wild Things
  1. Characters
    1. Zoe
      1. Independent
        1. Nature loving
        2. Henry
          1. Artist
            1. Caring
            2. Fred
              1. Responsible
                1. Honest
              2. Theme
                1. Trusting your loved ones is okay.
                  1. Zoe has taken care of herself for pretty much her whole life and din't trust anyone. When she goes and lives with her uncle she learns to trust the people that she actually loves.
                  2. Main Conflict
                    1. The mayor wants to kill Zoe's brother and his deer.
                      1. Zoe's brother shot at the mayor's son with a bow an arrow because he was hurting his deer. The son was not hurt but the mayor wants who ever shot the arrow dead.
                      2. Setting
                        1. Sugar Hills, North Carolina
                          1. Present
                          2. Clay Carmicheal
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