road side development


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road side development
  1. its revolution of junagadh
    1. site selection


      • it will may become live project as development of junagadh
      1. entrance of junagadh
        1. sabalpur cross road to dolatpara (2.1 km)
          1. why its Necessary
            1. main road as entrance of junagadh
              1. city entrance is create image of city
                1. its connected with national highway
                2. Industries zone
                  1. current position is not better
                    1. junagadh is mainly depended on Tourism
                      1. AT festival time, traffic jam created
                    2. current site situatuin
                      1. major oil industries
                        1. 2 petrol pump
                          1. showrooms of vehicle
                            1. gas filling station
                              1. big nursery
                                1. GIDC zone
                                2. current problems
                                  1. no parking zone
                                    1. traffic created
                                      1. due to industrial zone
                                        1. AT festival time, traffic jam created
                                        2. road width
                                          1. entrance bridge strangth weak
                                            1. walking/cycling track
                                              1. major flow of industrial public
                                        3. development
                                          1. main bridge design
                                            1. only one way connect to main national highway
                                            2. side land development
                                              1. walking / cycling track
                                                1. road side greenery
                                                  1. proper lighting surrounding road
                                                    1. traffic island design
                                                      1. cross road circle design
                                                        1. create : more than 2 road connected
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