M002 Business Planning

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M002 Business Planning
1 Principles of Law
2 Short and Long Term Business Plans
2.1 Business Strategy
2.1.1 Strategy = determination of long-term goals+ obj of an enterprise & adoption of courses of action & allocation of resources necessary 4 carrying out these goals
2.2 Business Planning
2.2.1 A business plan deals with the detailed implementation of specific aspects of overall strategy.
2.3 Business Plan
2.3.1 Where are we now Who we are, why we do this, how we do this, who are our current customers, who are our future customers, where the income is derived?
2.3.2 Where we want to be ( and when) clear “Vision” of the future
2.3.3 How are we going to get there? step by step plan of getting from A to B Review of A to B to see if it brings strenth/opportunities or weaknesses/threats SWOT analysis Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Time-framed Financial Forecast. Identify Business Objectives of the Project in both Time and Profit All Objectives must be SMART - Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Time-framed
3 Market Anlysis
4 Capital Allowances
4.1 Investment and Incentives
4.1.1 Tax
4.1.2 Grants
4.2 What?
4.2.1 Tax relief on capital allowances
4.3 Capital expenditure?
4.3.1 Expenditure on assests employed in a business
4.4 Reduces Tax Bigg
4.5 Capital Allowances Act 2001
4.6 Enter text here
5 Five Year Plans
6 Business Suport Services
7 Staffing Levels
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