Nervous System 2

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Nervous System 2
1 Synapses
1.1 Axodendritic
1.1.1 Axon--> dendrite
1.2 Axosomatic
1.2.1 Axon --> cell
1.3 Axoaxonic
1.3.1 Axon --> Axon
2.1 Ganglia - groups of neuron cell bodies
2.1.1 A peripheral collection of nerve cell bodies together with afferent and efferent axons
2.1.2 Dorsal root ganglia are sensory cells within the spinal nerves
2.1.3 Efferent motor ganglia in ANS
2.1.4 Cranial nerve ganglia
2.2 Nerves - bundles of axons
2.2.1 Spinal nerves connected to spinal cord and cranial nerves connected to brain
2.2.2 Epineurium surrounds entire nerve trunk Perineurium surrounds axons and endoneurium to form fassicles Endoneurium surrounds individual axons
2.2.3 Motor - from CNS
2.2.4 Sensory - to CNS
2.2.5 Mixed- sensory and motor
3.1 Spinal Cord
3.1.1 Begins at base of medulla oblongata + extends as slender cord to level of intervertebral disc between the first and second lumbar vertebrae
3.1.2 31 segements each with a pair of spinal nerves
3.1.3 Spinal nerves 8 Cervical 12 Thoratic 5 Lumbar 5 Sacral 1 coccygeal Link information to and from brain Spinal reflexes
3.1.4 Sagital section of lower spine Inferior terminal at level of the 2nd lumbar vertabra. Branches from lumbar region pass downward from cone-shaped tip (conus medullaris) of spinal cord forming cauda equina (horse's tail)
3.1.5 Grey matter within, white matter outside
3.1.6 Ventral root of spinal nerve (motor)
3.1.7 Dorsal root of spinal nerve (sensory)
3.1.8 Spinal nerve (mixed nerve)
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