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National 5 Chemistry (Unit 3) Mind Map on Metals, created by Rosa Donaldson on 12/09/2015.

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1 Bonding
1.1 Metallic
1.1.1 tightly packed layers
1.1.2 lattice
1.2 'Sea' of delocalised electrons
1.2.1 outer electrons separate from atoms
1.2.2 free to move through whole structure
1.3 Metal atom centre
1.3.1 positively charged
1.3.2 attracted to delocalised electrons
2 Physical properties
2.1 conductors of heat and electricity
2.1.1 heat D/L electrons gain kinetic energy move faster so transfer energy through-out metal
2.1.2 electricity D/L electrons create charge D/L electrons free to move
2.2 High melting point
2.2.1 strong attraction between + core and D/L electrons
2.3 Malleable
2.3.1 centres are able to slide over each other
2.3.2 D/L electrons keep structure together
2.4 Dense
2.4.1 many atoms packed into small space
2.4.2 tight lattice structure
3 Chemical properties
3.1 water
3.1.1 metal hydroxide + hydrogen
3.2 oxygen
3.2.1 metal oxide
3.2.2 oxidation takes place
3.3 acids
3.3.1 salt and hydrogen
4 Reactivity series
4.1 magnesium and above react with water
4.2 lead and above react with acids
4.2.1 form hydrogen
4.3 mercury and copper react with oxygen
4.4 metals under copper can be extracted with heat
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