characteristics of life

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this map explains what we do in life

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characteristics of life
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1.1 which are
1.1.1 the basic units of life which may be multicellular such as plants and animals which may be unicellular such as bacteria
1.2 made of cells
2 2
2.1 reproduce
2.1.1 which may be sexual consisting two parent
2.1.2 which may be asexual consisting one parent
2.2 grow
2.2.1 which mean to increase in size or number of cells
3 3
3.1 genetic code
3.1.1 which means organisms resemble parents because DNA passes from parents to offspring
4 4
4.1 obtains materials for energy
4.1.1 to fuel plants or animals which creates one's metabolism
4.1.2 by metabolism capturing sunlight for the process of photosynthesis
5 5
5.1 maintain a stable internal envirnment
5.1.1 known as homeostasis such as regulation of body temperature or blood glucose levels
6 6
6.1 evole
6.1.1 due to changes in the environment such as changes in light, temperature or water
7 7
7.1 being highly organized
7.1.1 such as cells-->tissues-->organs-->organ systems-->organism
8 8
8.1 evolve
8.1.1 which means adapt over time such as cacti which have adapted to dry condition found in the desert
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