Characteristics of plants

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plants' characteristics of life

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Characteristics of plants
  1. Traits
    1. Eukaryotes
      1. an organism consisting of a cell or cells in which the genetic material is DNA
        1. bacteria
          1. fungi
        2. Multicellular
          1. more than one cell
            1. roses
              1. pine tree
            2. Producers
              1. green plants, which produce food through photosynthesis, and certain bacteria that are capable of converting inorganic substances into food through chemosynthesis
                1. mighty Oak
                  1. grand American Beech
              2. Adaptions
                1. protection
                  1. plants need protection because it prevents them from becoming food.
                    1. cactus
                      1. succulants
                    2. support
                      1. the plant will deform
                        1. winter squash
                          1. tomatos
                        2. reproduction
                          1. plants need to reproduce because the plant will become extent.
                            1. spider plant
                              1. potatoes
                            2. transportation
                              1. plants need transportation because it carries their food, water,and minarials
                                1. leaf
                                  1. roots
                              2. classification
                                1. vascular
                                  1. a plant that is characterized by the presence of conducting tissue
                                    1. broccoli
                                      1. prunes
                                    2. nonvascular
                                      1. plants cannot retain water or deliver it to other parts of the plant body
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