Immune system

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characteristics of immune system

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Immune system
  1. protein , cell and organs
    1. cells of immune system
      1. mast cells
        1. basophil
        2. monocyte
          1. macrophage
          2. lymphocyte
            1. T cells
              1. B cells
          3. defense system of the individual against the threat
            1. first line of defense
              1. external barriers
              2. second line of defense
                1. internal barriers
                2. third line of defense
                  1. specific immune response
                    1. humoral immunity
                      1. protection through antibodies
                      2. cell-mediated immunity
                        1. protection through sensitized T cells
                  2. organ of immune system
                    1. primary of lymphoid organs
                      1. production sites of immune cells
                        1. maturation sites for immune cells in the absence of antigen
                        2. secondary of lymphoid organs
                          1. maturation sites for antigen-driven immune cells
                        3. Types of immune system
                          1. specific immunity
                            1. specifically recognize foreign antigens and selectively eliminates them
                              1. reencountering
                              2. non-specific immunity
                                1. natural defense system
                                  1. operate nonspecifically
                                    1. natural immunity
                                  2. antigen
                                    1. protein / polysaccharides
                                      1. trigger specific immune response
                                        1. reacts with product of response
                                          1. structure of antigen
                                            1. antigenic determinant site
                                              1. carrier - antigen itself
                                            2. Antibody
                                              1. proteins molecules able to combine with antigenic determinants
                                                1. secreted or membrane bound
                                                  1. important component of specific immune response
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