1_New Year Eve and Christmas

Mariia Biehunova
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Mariia Biehunova
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Mariia Biehunova
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2 English Mind Map on 1_New Year Eve and Christmas, created by Mariia Biehunova on 12/20/2015.

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1_New Year Eve and Christmas
1 Person of New Year Eve and Christmas
1.1 Santa Claus (Father Christmas)
1.2 Elf
1.3 Reindeer
1.4 Angel
1.5 Jesus
1.6 Good-behaviour children
1.7 Nasty children
2 Christmas flowers
2.1 mistletoe


  • when people are under the mistletoe at the same time, they have to kiss each other
2.2 holly
2.3 Christmas tree


  • pine tree or evergreen tree
3 Traditions
3.1 Family union
3.2 Carol
3.3 a New Year's resolution
3.4 Secret Santa
3.5 Presents
3.5.1 wrapping paper
3.5.2 shopping
3.5.3 hand-made
3.6 Food
3.6.1 ginger bread man
3.6.2 turkey
3.6.3 candy cane
3.6.4 mince pie
3.6.5 eggnog


  • https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eggnog
3.7 party
4 ornaments
4.1 tinsel
4.2 piece of chocolate
4.3 fairy lights
4.4 a wreath
4.5 bubbles
4.6 bow
4.7 candle
4.8 corn
5 Weather
5.1 snow
5.1.1 snowfall
5.1.2 blizzard
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