The Rock Cycle

Alex C
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Alex C
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GCSE Geography (Geology) Mind Map on The Rock Cycle, created by Alex C on 12/28/2015.

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The Rock Cycle
  1. Erosion/weathering
    1. rivers transport & deposit - fluvial deposition
      1. Deposited marine sediment
        1. Pressure causes lithofication
          1. compaction & cementation
            1. SEDIMENTARY ROCK
              1. Slow uplift to surface
                1. burial, high temps. & pressures
                  1. METAMORPHIC ROCK
                      1. Subduction = Melting
                        1. Intrusive IGNEOUS ROCK
                          1. Magma from molten crust & mantle
                            1. Extrusive IGNEOUS ROCK
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