America and the effects of media globalization

Paul Gordon III
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Paul Gordon III
Created by Paul Gordon III almost 6 years ago
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America and the effects of media globalization
1 media is seen world wide
1.1 people are expsoed to new things
1.1.1 they can accept it or deny it Take some and leave the rest Take all influence Block out influence (FireWall)
1.1.2 as they are exposed and retain these new ideas they are prime example of globalization
1.1.3 New practices
1.1.4 new food and fashion and art through media
2 The U.S is the most influential country in the world
2.1 there are many practices that have been forced on other places or adapted by other places
2.1.1 How to deal woith resources
2.1.2 Government
2.1.3 Economy
2.1.4 Class system
2.1.5 Rules and Laws
2.2 globalization cannot be stopped, its a result of new communications technology
2.2.1 As Communication Expands the world gets smaller The world with media and globalization would start to become smaller and more alike which might take away individuality but will still bring people closer together and create a more fluent world
3.1 Americans feel the output of media and popularity of america influences other countries based on its global communication through media outlets
3.2 Alot of the easy convenient habits around the world are shared with others in seconds thus leadng toward iminent influence and globalization
3.3.1 Majority of media is owned by small percentage wealthy corperations They have the power to limit and reduce amount of influnce and intelligence that is exposed Freedom of speech limited by the multinational corporations
4.1 communication was never easier thanks to social media networks and television and other outlets of media
4.1.1 Events of America and dfferent productions are seen accross the world which makes other counntries volnerable to influence and that can lead to globalization
4.1.2 Friends from around the world can now speak meet and greet new and old people that are availabke through media to communicate with ideas and culture are shared from coast to coast

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