The Social Identity Theory

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The Social Identity Theory
1 Prejudice can be explained by out tendency to identify ourselves as part of a group and to classify other peopl as either within or outside that group
2 Merely being in a group and being aware of the existence of another group is enough for prejudice to develop
3 There are 3 stages;
3.1 Social Categorisation
3.1.1 We categorise ourselves and others as members of particular social groups
3.2 Social Identification
3.2.1 We adopt the identity of the group we have categorised ourselves as belonging to
3.3 Social Comparison
3.3.1 Once we have categorised ourselves as part of a group and identified with that group we compare that group with other groups We deliberately put down others to try and raise our own self esteem E.G. Males will dismiss women's driving ability to make themselves feel better

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