Media A2 Film Analysis Winters Bone

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Media A2 Film Analysis Winters Bone
1.1 Screened at the Sundance film festival (Promotes independent US films)
1.1.1 The lack of stars, known directors, strange subject matter etc made the film risky. Expectations were very mixed
1.2 Not particularly well advertised. Became popular more through word of mouth
2.1 Gender- The film very much uses traditional gender roles with men having the power and the influence whilst women stay at home and look after the house, however the main character, Ree, demonstrates not only a feminine motherly role, but also a fatherly role, subverting these gender stereotypes with her ability to shoot and skin an animal and take responsibilities into her own hands
2.1.1 Culture- Very ingrained on rural Missouri culture, poorer families living in the middle of nowhere where they all know each other. Highlighted by the School only having either a military class, or a parent training class. Hunting for food and helping neighbours out Age- Everyone is fairly elderly, not really represented in a particular way. Ree's mother is portrayed as struggling and weak, whilst you also get the generous older neighbours who assist the family.
3.1 Fans of the cinema who would be willing to see a lesser known film (may be fans of production company or sundance festival)
3.1.1 Future fans of Jennifer Lawrence may go back to watch the film once again
4.1 Linear narrative, single stranded throughout
4.1.1 Propp's theory can relate to the characters clearly in this
5 Released January 21st, 2010
5.1 Production Budget- $2m
5.1.1 UK gross- $947,359 US gross- $6,500,000 Production- Anonymous content, Winter's Bone Productions Distributed- Roadside Attraction (USA) & artificial eye (UK) Director- Debra Granik
6 The genre is classed as an independent drama film
6.1 Cultural realism- based off stereotypes that could be true (assumed that people living in these areas are like this)
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