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The Vmosa analysis of Peluche

Resource summary

  1. Vision
    1. Flowering Children Throug Companions
    2. Mission
      1. Peluche helps children, ageing from 3 to 18 years old, without daily parental support, to become fulfilled blossomed adults, through everyday individual accompaniment, regular group activities and academic support provided by devoted volunteers.
      2. Objectives
        1. By the end of 2016, implement a systematic and formalized approach to finding sponsors
          1. Increase and smooth annual donations
            1. In three to five years, raise the proportion of individual donations compared to corporate donations to 30%/70%
              1. By the end of 2016, enhance visibility and awareness
              2. Strategies
                1. Implement a systematic method to target, contact and give feedback to companies
                  1. Host regular public events, make partnerships and collaborations with a public figure
                    1. Enhance visibility through media presence
                    2. Action Plans
                        1. Create a data base
                          1. Analyse patterns of donators
                            1. Host one yearly big event for fundraising
                              1. Host regular but smaller actions
                                1. Christmas market
                                  1. Annual meals
                                    1. Participate to second-hand fair
                                    2. Contact Belgian celebrities
                                      1. Select an ambassador that shares the values of Peluche
                                        1. Joint events with other NGOs
                                          1. Partnerships with student associations
                                            1. Running event
                                              1. Partnerships with toy stores
                                                1. Create a Facebook page
                                                  1. Improve current website
                                                    1. Make some radio spots
                                                      1. Improve the logo so that it fits with Peluche's diverse activity and 3 to 18 children
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