Characteristics of plants

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Characteristics of plants
1 traits
1.1 eukaryotes
1.1.1 any organism having its fundamental structural unit cell. examples are moles, and fruit flies .
1.2 multicellular
1.2.1 composed of several or many cells. humans, animals.
1.2.2 producers is a organism, either a green plant or bacterium. mighty oak grand american beech
2 adaptations
2.1 protection
2.1.1 they need protection because they dont want to be dinner you can protect a plant by using bark and straw.
2.2 support
2.2.1 they need some support because they cannot get water by themselves cannot get water by themselves, and germination
2.3 transportation
2.3.1 their transport systems contains 2 types of conducting tissues certain types of plants has a system of transporting water, and nutrients.
2.4 Reproduction
2.4.1 need reproduction so the family can keep going on and on. asexual reproduction and sexual reproduction.
3 classification
3.1 nonvascular
3.1.1 a plant without a vascular system seed plants is an embryonic plant enclosed is a protective outer covering. seedless plants are plants that contains a vascular tissue. fern fronds and a spore
3.2 vascular
3.2.1 a plant that is characterized by the presence of conducting tissue.
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