Characteristics of Life

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Characteristics of Plants

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Characteristics of Life
  1. Traits
    1. Eukaryotes
      1. an organism with a complex cell or cells in which the genetic material is organized
        1. cells and more cells
          1. Multicellular
            1. having or consisting of many cells
              1. tomato plants and cumber plants
            2. Producers
              1. to bring into existence
                1. Areca Palm and the Madagascar Dragon Tree
            3. Adaptations
              1. Protection
                1. plants need protection to survive from danger
                2. Support
                  1. plants need support so they can live
                  2. Transportation
                    1. plants need transportation so they are just not in one spot all of the time
                    2. Reproduction
                      1. plants need to reproduce to make more living things
                      2. the result of evolution
                      3. Classification
                        1. Vascular
                          1. seeded plant
                            1. seedless plant
                              1. Ferns
                              2. cucumber plant
                                1. an embronic plant
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