The E's of Motivation

Zach Evans
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Zach Evans
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The E's of Motivation
  1. Engagement.
    1. Commit to your team and the job.
      1. Be positive! It goes a long way with the team
        1. Invest in people!
          1. Whether it is the overall team or one-on-one, investing in the people show's how much you care
        2. Encouragement
          1. Build your team up! It shows how you value your team.
            1. Show empathy to those around you.
              1. Giving empathy shows how much you as a leader care about the team's well-being.
            2. Enrichment
              1. Educate and train those around you
                1. Give constructive criticism and praise!
                2. Help the team meet their goals for success
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