End of Life

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End of Life
1 Body & Soul
1.1 The Soul
1.1.1 Definition: the spiritual or immaterial part of a human being or animal, regarded as immortal.
1.2 Plato & Aristotle
1.2.1 Aristotle: the soul is not separate from the body, the essence of a person is to act rationally, when a person dies they can no longer act rationally, therefore their essence no longer exists.
1.2.2 Plato: soul is eternal and made up of 3 parts; the logo - logic, the thymus - emotional motive, the pathos - physical motives
1.3 Christian Beliefs
1.3.1 It is the immortal essence of a person that is distinct from the human body What makes humans unique and separate from animals As God breathed life into Adam as if it were his soul.
1.3.2 We are similar to God. Yet we are not God.
1.3.3 Human life is sacred. We are temple for God/Holy Spirit to live in.
1.4 DUALISM- body and soul are 2 different entities
1.4.1 Philosophical idea
2 LIfe & Death
2.1 Heaven
2.1.1 Eternal life with God. Something we can't know about in this life
2.1.2 Christian view points: All go, only good go, only christians go, through death and resurrection of christ
2.2 Hell
2.2.1 LIfe without God's blessing and presence, some say: it is real and lasts forever, just symbolic to represent life without Jesus and some say it is death and nothing after. Refer to Mathew 22 for imagery.
2.2.2 Some say: no-one goes, unrepentant sinners and non christians. Refer to Dives and Lazarus Luke 16
2.3 Purgatory
2.3.1 The halfway place where you are prepared and cleansed for heaven
2.3.2 Everyone goes as we are all sinners. Revelation 21:27
2.4 Salvation & Redemption
2.4.1 Salvation - to be saved from punishment by God of Sin. In the books of Habakuk and Romans it states that sin has to be punished. God will forgive sinners as long as they repent He wants a relationship with humans as he is all loving
2.4.2 humans can attain salvation after they pay a sum (redemption) Romans 5:8 and Hebrew 9:28 say that Christ dies for us which is part of our redemption.
2.5 Resurrection
2.5.1 Symbolises Jesus overcoming death and defeating sin. Christians believe all christians will be resurrected
2.6 God as Judge
2.6.1 Parable of sheep and Goats. Sinners are goats and sheep are the good.
2.6.2 Judges according to faith and actions
2.7 1 Corinthians 15:34-44. hope for a future life if suffering here and now.
2.8 1 Corinthians 15:51-52 .THe end of time may be sudden so we should live life accordingly with God.
2.9 When?
2.9.1 2. Last line Luke 23:36-43 suggests they will immediately go to heaven
2.9.2 1. 1 Corinthians 15 suggests the judging will come at the end of time
3 Funeral Rites
3.1 Why?
3.1.1 acknowledgement that the dead is in God's care
3.1.2 comfort and reassurance for mourners
3.1.3 celebration
3.1.4 opportunity to express love
3.1.5 marks beginning of afterlife
3.2 Christian Funerals
3.2.1 Gathering: coffin in church, ministers read scripture and welcomes guests, attributes or tributes may be made, authorised prayers of pentinene may be used, collection
3.2.2 Readings and Sermon: bible readings, psalms or hymns, sermon is preached.
3.2.3 Prayers: thanks for the departed, for mourners, prayers for afterlife.
3.2.4 Commendation and Farewell
3.2.5 THe Committal
3.2.6 The Dismissal
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