Congress Of Vienna 1814-1815

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Congress Of Vienna 1814-1815
1 Outcomes
1.1 Concert Of Europe
1.1.1 Power Balance Worked for almost 100 years France Especially
1.2 Bourbon Monarch Restored
1.2.1 Ferdinand I
1.3 Napoleons Land given up
1.3.1 Russia Gains most of poland
1.3.2 Prussia given parts of Poland And Germany
1.3.3 Austria Given back recently Lost territory
2 Russia
2.1 Tsar Alexander I
2.1.1 Passionate Man Didn't get along with Meternich Soured relations with all the other countries of the congress too
2.2 Marxism/Communism
2.3 Not seen as part of a powerful europe by the other group members
3 Austria
3.1 Prince Metternich
3.1.1 Scared Of Nationalism Wanted to go back to the old way Conservative Austrian Empire threatened because of ethnic diversity in Empire Ottoman Empire in Support of Him
3.1.2 Thought liberalism brought bloodshed Went hand in hand with Nationalism
4 Britain
4.1 Viscount Castlereagh
4.2 Already Nationalist
4.2.1 supported idea of balanced power Wanted to contain France
4.3 Interested in expanding
4.4 Democratic Country
5 Prussia
5.1 King Frederich William III
5.2 Wanted to expand
5.2.1 to become a great power country
5.3 Had the most to gain from balanced power
5.3.1 Ended up being the biggest winner in the Congress
6 France
6.1 Charles Tallyrand
6.1.1 Re-establishing France Wanting to keep power, not be completely wiped out Prevent country from becoming second class power Driving a wedge between the powers
6.1.2 Could talk his way out of anything
6.2 Needed to be protected
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