Cue Dependent Evaluation

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Cue Dependent Evaluation
1 Recollections of childhood become fainter as people grow older.
1.1 However, if they return to the area they lived in as children, this often serve to bring the past alive, supporting the theory
2 Baddeley argues the effects of context dependent forgetting only occur if the contexts in which information is learned and retrieved vastly differ
2.1 E.g. info learned in a classroom and then retrieved in an ice rink will be remembered poorer than if it was recalled in the library
3 Has been applied to real world successfully such as helping the police reconstructions based on cue dependency
4 The theory has evidence to support it. E.g. a study by Godden and Baddeley showed that forgetting is influenced by lack of retrieval cues present
4.1 As divers recalled more in the same environment as the learning environment
5 However a nummber of supporting studies such as Tulving and Pearlstones are lab based
5.1 and involve artificial tasks so they lack ecological validity
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