L13 leavening agent

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L13 leavening agent
1 influence the leavening effect
1.1 time
1.1.1 long fluttty
1.1.2 short gummy center
1.2 mixing
1.2.1 too slow
1.2.2 too fast air loss
1.3 quantity
1.3.1 too much expose
1.3.2 too litter tough
2 Types of leavening agents
2.1 physical
2.1.1 air e.g.souffle expends in the heat egg whites
2.1.2 steam prodution CO2
2.2 biological
2.2.1 yeast e.g. bread Fermentation prodution CO2
2.3 chemical
2.3.1 baking soda used with an acids prodution CO2
2.3.2 baking powder baking soda + dry acidic powder
3 Functions
3.1 risa
3.2 increase volume
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