Self Fulfilling Prophecy

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Self Fulfilling Prophecy
1 Labelling
1.1 majority group sees a minority group as inferior
1.1.1 use generic, broad, inferior terms to describe them
1.2 can be based on what an individual has said, or on a common stereotype
1.2.1 stereotyping occurs when a characteristic is applied to a whole group, based on a minority who actually posses it
2 explanation for criminal/anti-social behvaiour
3 label is applied to a certain person...
3.1 they begin to see themselves in that way...
3.1.1 believe they are expected to act a certain way... do behave in that way!
4 Supporting Studies
4.1 Rosenthal and Jacobson
4.2 Madon et al
4.3 Jahoda
5 there are other explanations...
5.1 social learning theory...
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