Evaluation Question 2 - How effective is the combination of your main product and ancillary texts?

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Evaluation Question 2 - How effective is the combination of your main product and ancillary texts?
1.1 Typography - There was no specific theme with the typography of my products but I did make sure that they were consistent throughout. I choose particular styes form Dafont.com that i thought were interesting and would stand out. I tried to incorporate different fonts into each of my tasks, discovering new ones as i went. I made sure that the same fonts were used throughout my magazine and especially with the tiles of the pages. I also choose to use the signature on the cover page also on my double page spread to link it with the story of the cover star and help make the magazine look whole. When it came to my billboard i found new fonts and relied simply on using the social media icons and the website addresses font to relate back to my magazine. I initially decided to have my masthead a different font, however I feel that this would differentiate to much between my magazine and billboard so now my masthead is also the same font.
1.1.1 For my website i used new typography that wasn't on my magazine or billboard however i did still use the same masthead. I used the same font throughout the website n order to link them wight the title of the page being the same as the masthead in all my products from my magazine, billboard and to my website.
1.2 Masthead - All my products have the Masthead involved, on each page of the magazine, on the billboard and on each page of the website., this was to keep it linking together as well as drilling in the name of all my products into the readers head so that it would be remembered and easily recognizable when seen again. My masthead featured at top centre of my front cover than continued to the top right of the contents page and again witt he double page spread, this justifies its importance. The masthead on my billboard is the main attraction along with the image and is centered in the middle. This is the first thing the audience will see and remember it so that when hey see it on my other products it will become easily recognizable. This is the same for my website, it will be the first thing seen and therefore help to relate to my other products and give the import ace and message to the audience.
1.3 colours - I find that the colours I have used is the most important link between all of my products, Because of the constant change in fonts and layout I have used colours too keep more balance within in my products an a way to make them look part of the same collection.. Keeping the colour scheme ensured that all my products came together as one. The colours that had chosen were quite conventional with red, black white and grey, I chose these due to the neutral colours and then the pop of red which would help it to stand out. I feel my colours contrast well helping it to be noticed, I also feel that the red which has been used throughout each product helps to make it reconsiable especailly witht he brightness of the red which isnt seen around that often, it stands out between the white and grey backgrounds. The double page spread relied on the reds pop of colour to separate different sections and make it look more interesting. T
1.3.1 The red helps to warm my products up and makes them feel more inviting and welcoming, which was my initail l aim. Because it is a a warmer colour unlike blues I think that it works best to have a more open feeling and welcoming. Also because of the grey tones i think that it contrasted well. With my anciillary tasked I kept mainly the gre and black tones with maybe hints of the red. I didnt want it to be too over powering in these tasks but still noticable. This heled to keep a more subtle link to my products.
1.4 Images - My images did not have much variation and were are very similar throughout each product, this being with the same model and the same clothing witht the poses separating and making the images a bit different. My website and magazine shared the same model from the same photoshoot which links it well and makes it look believable as a combined product showing that the same features are on both the magazine and the webiste. My billboard had the same model however from a different photoshoot showing a different side to the star with different clothing and different poses, this give a more interesting feel and more difference so that everything is not to similar, I think that shows professionalism. My magazine allowed me to capture more emotion and centre on the star induvidualy whereas my ancilary tasks, I focused more on selling the product and making it look professional and wanted. My website especaily I tried to include regional images of places like Newcastle.
1.4.1 My website allowed me to have wider view of images with different people and places, however I still kept the link through using some form my magzine.
1.5 Content - This helped a lot to relate back to the different products, for example my website features the magazine issue with the intent of gaining subscriptions. I also featured the same model in both which is relating to the article that is on my double page spread and is also advertised on my website.. On my magazine and my billboard I have the website URL stated on both of them as well as social media on my billboard and webiste. It also helped to link my products together by the regional content,I chose to do this in a more area based way by adding names of places.
1.6 Overall the impact that my company will have by making these products link in subtle or direct ways will benefit my work and the audience. My magazine will be in higher demand through recongisibilty from the features I have used throughout each task. Gaining feedback on each product has helped to make improvements on how to effectively use features on all platforms in order to appeal more to the audience.
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