the biological approach to treating OCD

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the biological approach to treating OCD
1 Drug Therapy
1.1 aims to increase or decrease levels of neurotransmitters
1.1.1 SSRI work on the serotonin system in the brain how? serotonin serotonin - released by presynaptic neurons, travels across synapse neurotransmitter conveys the signals to postsynaptic neurons then reabsorbed by presynaptic neuron (then broken down and reabsorbed) how? SSRI prevents reabsorption of presynaptic neuron increases level in synapse 3 -4 months of daily use
1.1.2 combining SSRIs & CBT drugs reduce emotional symptoms can engage in CBT better
1.1.3 alternatives Tricyclic older type of antidepressant clomipramine same effect on serotonin system as SSRI more serious side effects SNRIs increase levels of serotonin & noradrenaline second line of defence
2 Evaluation
2.1 effective at tackling symptoms
2.1.1 Soomero all 17 studies showed better results with SSRIs greatest when combined with CBT workd for about 70% of patients other 30% use different drugs
2.2 cost effective & non disruptive
2.2.1 cheap compared to CBT good for NHS
2.2.2 don't have to do any hard work like CBT
2.3 they can have side effects
2.3.1 e.g. indigestion blurred vision loss of sex drive
2.3.2 clomipramine more serious 1 in 10 erection problems tremors gain weight 1 in 100 aggressive disruption to blood pressure & heart rhythm
3 evaluation +
3.1 unreliable evidence
3.1.1 research sponsored by the drug companies may be biased
3.2 cases that follow trauma
3.2.1 drugs may not be appropriate a more cognitive approach may be better gets to the root of the problem
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