Approaches to Staffing

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AS - Level AS-Level Business (1.4 Managing People) Mind Map on Approaches to Staffing, created by Heather Jones on 02/04/2016.

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Approaches to Staffing
  1. Cost or asset?
    1. Treating Staff as an Asset
      1. Value employees and have concerns over their welfare
        1. Providing a safe and comfortable working environment
          1. Job Security and being able to interact with colleagues
            1. Helps to recruit, retain and motivate high-quality staff
              1. Higher productivity levels
              2. Treating Staff as a Cost
                1. Like other costs employers will try and keep this to a minimum
                  1. Zero-hour contracts
                    1. Minimum legal employee rights
                      1. penalties for employees who are late etc.
                        1. Paying the minimum wage
                          1. Cheap and inferior recruitment methods
                          2. May lower employment costs but productivity could decrease due to lack of motivation
                            1. Leaves workers feeling exploited and neglected
                          3. Flexible Workforce
                            1. Helps a business to adapt to change e.g. temp. workers if output needs to be increased quickly
                              1. Multi-skilling
                                1. enhancing employees skills to give greater responsibility to deal with a variety of issues
                                  1. Allows a business to respond more quickly and effectively to issues
                                    1. More responsibility can motivate workers
                                      1. Workers may not be properly trained for new role
                                      2. Part-time and temp. staff
                                        1. Part-time staff can work peak times
                                          1. Temporary workers are only employed for a limited period of time so can be used in busier periods
                                          2. Flexible hours and home working
                                            1. Zero-hour contracts- flexibility for business
                                              1. Allows employees to work around their lifestyle
                                                1. home working allows a business to reduce certain overheads
                                                  1. Communication problems associated with HW and difficult to monitor quality and quantity
                                                  2. Outsourcing
                                                    1. Getting another business to carry out tasks that were originally done by employees
                                                      1. Allows a business to focus on its core capabilities
                                                        1. Costs are lower and capacity is increased
                                                          1. Specialists can be used
                                                            1. Business loses control and becomes reliant on suppliers
                                                          2. Advantages of Flexible Workforce
                                                            1. React quickly to changes in demand
                                                              1. Temporary can be cheaper than permanent staff and can be laid off almost immediatly when not needed
                                                                1. Temp. workers save on training costs
                                                                2. Disadvantages of Flexible Workforce
                                                                  1. Temp. workers may be less loyal and motivated only by financial gain
                                                                    1. If outsourced work is of a poor quiality it will damage reputation
                                                                      1. Constant turnover of core workers may lead to core workers feeling demotivated and not part of a stable team
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