Sustainable Rural living

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Sustainable Rural living
1 How Rural living can be unsustainable
1.1 High car use:
1.1.1 Rural areas often have little public transport links. As a result people use cars.
1.1.2 More fossil fuels are used.
1.1.3 More CO2 released. This adds to global warming.
1.2 Different farming techniques:
1.2.1 Some techniques use fossil fuels. Artificial fertilisers.
1.2.2 Irrigation. Uses up the lands water resources.
1.2.3 The environment can be damaged.
2 How to make rural living sustainable
2.1 Conserve resources:
2.1.1 Using more public transport.
2.1.2 Irrigation techniques that don't waste water. Drip irrigation.
2.1.3 Water and fossil fuels.
2.2 Protect the environment:
2.2.1 Reduce the use of harmful products. Herbicides. Fertilisers. Pesticides.
2.2.2 Maintaining hedgerows. Providing wildlife habitats.
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