Godden and Baddeley Description

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Godden and Baddeley Description
1 The aim was to see whether words would be recalled better in the same environment or in a very different environment
2 To investigate whetehr a natural environment can act as a cue for recall
3 18 participants ( divers) were given word lists to learn which were made up of 38 unrelated 2 or 3 syllable words
4 The words were presented either on the beach or 15 ft under the sea
5 Participants then had to recall the words in one of four conditions which they were randomly allocated to
6 Condition 1: learn and recall on the beach
7 Conditiion 2: learn and recall underwater
8 Condition 3: learn on the beach and recall underwater
9 Condition 4: learn underwater and recall on the beach
10 Recall was about 50% higher when it took place in the same environment as learning
11 40% more words were forgotten if recall was in a different environment from where learned
12 The mean number of words recalled in condition 1; 13.5, condition 2; 11.4, condition 3; 8.6 and condition 4; 8.4
13 The study demonstrates how the environment can act as a contextual cue for learning

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