US vs MX

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US vs MX
1 cause of war
1.1 because tx's became state but mx still thought tx's belonged to them
1.2 because MX thought that the border was the Nueces river US thought that the border was Rio Grande
1.3 because of manifest destiny
2 start of the war for tx's
2.1 mx pov: was us is invading our territory
2.2 Mexican crossed into U.S. territory and attacked the U.S. military.
3 important people
3.1 Zachary Taylor: U.S. hero of Buena Vista and won may battles during the war; elected POTUS in 1848.
3.2 Mariano Arista Mexican President
3.3 Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna Mexican general
3.4 Winfield Scott: a U.S. general who captured Mexico City; a major turning point in the war.
3.4.1 James Polk: U.S. President An expansionist, he wanted the U.S. to achieve manifest destiny.
4 the war
4.1 TEXAS RANGERS became known as “los diablos Tejanos” – the devil Texans
4.2 About 5,000-8,000 TX joined war for revenge
4.3 USA had better generals, weapons, and supplies during the war.
6.1 Mexican Cession – MX ceded northwestern lands to USA for $15 million: miles of landCA, CO, NM, AZ, UT, NV, WY); about 529,000 sq.
6.2 Mexico recognizes Texas as part of the U.S.
6.3 Rio Grande is southern border between U.S. and Mexico.
6.4 USA pays TX $3 million for damages MX caused.
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