Godden and Baddeley Evaluation

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Godden and Baddeley Evaluation
1 The study took place in a real life setting and so had greater ecological validity than laboratory research
2 The procedure in learning unrelated words is not an everyday and so lacks mundane realism
3 The study's conclusions have been reinforced by others e.g. Abernathy who found that learning and recall in the same classroom improves memory
4 The study has practical applications for education advising students to improve recall by reinstating the learning context for exams
5 It can also be used to help police investigations by getting them to interview witnesses in the same environment to the event they saw
6 There was a lack of control over some of the procedure such as equipment failure which could have effected the results
7 This lack of control such as over weather conditions makes it improbable that the study could be replicated and get the same results
8 The sample were all from the same diving club which might affect generalisabiltiy

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