multi channel media

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multi channel media
1 in-store technology
1.1 payment options / contactless / apple pay / ipads
1.2 online ordering options
1.2.1 customer friendly online touchpoints
1.2.2 motivation to shop immediate possesion
2 Marketing
2.1 digital marketing
2.1.1 social media e-newsletters / email website content
2.2 traditional marketing
2.2.1 offline print physical touch points in-store customer experience
2.3 online magazines
2.3.1 mobile apps digitally integrated offline magazines novelty / fun selling tools technology generation Z / Y instagram mobile
2.4 branding
2.4.1 communication / theory
2.4.2 brand association social acceptance
2.4.3 colour/attraction typography logos consistency
3 shoes
3.1 trainers
3.1.1 fashion trainers exclusives collaborations Limited edition
3.1.2 streetwear America Los Angeles skate / surf Stussy / The Hundreds limited editions / rare availability New York Brooklyn street style history of trends how is a trend developed individual customised / personal
3.2 history of shoes
3.2.1 social status expression acceptance
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