Challenging of Islam to Christians

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Challenging of Islam to Christians
1 Why does it attracts people? Islam
1.1 By Impression outside
1.1.1 Islam Simple religion. There is no God but Allah and Mohammed is his profet Only 1 book with 1 style Theologische is simple. Only 1 God. He will decide. Good deeds weights up to bad deeds. The lords will be done Clear Do's and don't Clear moral guidelines Practice simple, can check things off 1 receipt the greed Say your gebed 5x in de week en op vrijdag met andere Give arms, 2.5% Ramadan 1 pilgrim to Mekka Newest is best Weinig tot geen verschil tussen verschillende moskees
1.1.2 Christian Dominated history Europe Complicated Different books of different authors Trinity Opstanding Christian: received the spirit Baptist with water in the name of Jezus, God and holy spirit Depends on self discipline Never can check things off Not a religion of rules For outsiders: moral confusion Old fashioned Religion for the wives and kids Veel verschil tussen verschillende kerken Discipline disappear
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