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The process in which a government entity remains fully responsible for the provision of affected entity and maintains control over management decisions while another entity operates the functions or performs the service. Outsourcing
What are the 3 tests which must be met for use of the necessary expense doctrine? 1. Logistical relationship 2. Not prohibited by law 3. Not funded for elsewhere
Which law established the House and Senate Budget Committees and The Congressional Budget House? Congressional Budget Act of 1974
Article 1, Section 9 of the US Constitution gives the power to appropriate funds for the running of the government to which branch of the government? Congress
Budget Authority does not expire in what type of appropriation? No year
Who makes the rules for travel for DoD Civilians and Military? GSA
What type of Congressional Resolution can be thought of as a temporary appropriation act? Continuing
What type of budgeting resources remains available for new obligations until the purpose of which they were provided is carried out? No-Year appropriations
What type of budgetary resource remains available for new obligations for 2 or more fiscal years? Multi-Year
Decisions of Fiscal Law questions are officially rendered bywhom? Comptroller General of the GAO
How many basic types of budget authority are used in the federal government? Six: 1. Appropriation 2. Contract Authority 3. Borrowing 4. Monetary Credits 5. Offsetting Receipts Loan 6. Loan Guarantee
Budget Authority does not expire in what type of appropriation? No-Year
Annual appropriation remains available for obligation for how long? 1 year
RDT&E is an example of what type of appropriation? 2 year Multiyear
Operations and Maintenance is an example of what type of appropriation? 1 year Annual
When is the President supposed to submit his budget? Between the first Monday in January and the first Monday in February. No later than the first Monday in February.
What are the 6 major steps in the budget formulation phase? 1. OMB issues guidance 2. Organization develops draft 3. Agency submits to OMB 4. OMB reviews 5. President takes action 6. Sent to congress
How often does Congress meet? At least once a year
Amendments must be passed in each house by: Constitutional amendments are valid when ratified by at lease: 2/3 vote 3/4 of the States
__________ is the process of assembling, organizing and using manpower and material resources in preparation for war or other emergency. Master Mobilization Plan (MMP)
Financial Disclosure: Remedies for avoiding potential conflicts of interest 1. Recusal 2. Waives 3. Certificates of Divestiture 4. Trusts
Executive Orders: -12674 of 1989 - Underlying 14 principles * Core Concepts *- Declining w/ employees 1. Employees shall not use Public Office for private gain 2. Employees shall act impartially and not give preferential treatment
HAC and SAC draft and submit Number _______? Appropriations Bills that provide Budget Authority for the Government. 13
What are the key foundations of appropriations? 1. Purpose - Funds obligated and expended only for the purpose authorized in appropriations 2. Time - The period of time during which budgetary resources may incur new obligations 3. Amount - Obligations and Expenditures may not exceed the amounts established by law.
PPBE? Programming Phase (how) POM (Program Objective Memorandum) Program Decision Memorandum (PDM)
Hearing of the House Armed Service Committee (HASC) and the Senate Armed Service Committee (SASC) begin when? After the president's state of the union message
What are the methods / steps in conducting the Delphi technique? Query Expert Opinion
Which cost estimating approach requires extensive knowledge of the product or process? Engineering Approach
What cost estimating approach is known as a statistical method or top down approach? Parametric Approach
What cost estimating approach is based on direct comparison with historical information? Analogy Approach
Cost savings, cost avoidance and productivity improvement are recognized as what type of benefits? Quantifiable Benefits
What are some of the limitations on economic analysis? Will not: 1. Produce results that are more valid than input data 2. Make final decisions 3. Beapplied w/cookbook precision 4. Provide relevant solutions to irrelevant questions 5. Predict political & non-economic impacts. 6. Be suitable for sound judgement, management or control
What does correlation measure? The degree of relationships between 2 or 3 variables
In regards to central tendency of dispersion, what is: Mean? Mode? Median? Mean - Average Mode - Frequency Median - Middle of Arrayed Values
Which report will each agency head submit to the President & Congress annually, no later than _____________? Performance Reports, November 15th
In federal agencies other than DoD, how often must the 5-yr strategic plans required under GPRA be updated? - Every 3 years - 4 years for DoD
Article III Judicial Branch Supreme Court Inferior Courts established by Congress Interpret laws
What occurs when Congress is not in session and the President does not sign a bill in 10 days? Pocket veto. Bill does not become law.
Article II Executive Branch Commander in Chief Executes Laws
How many of the House must agree to pass a bill? Two-Thirds
All the bills for raising revenue shall originate in the ... House of Representatives
Article I Legislative Branch Law Making powers to Congress - Raise taxes - Borrow money - Regulate Commerce - Conscript forces - Declare War - Raise and support Armies
What was the predecessor to the Constitution? Articles of Confederation
How many branches of government did the constitution establish? Three - Executive - Legislative - Judicial
________ required - President to submit an annual budget to Congress - Create OMB - Established GAO Budget and accounting Act of 1921
31 USC Appropriations shall be applied only to objects for which the Appropriations were made except otherwise provided by law. 1301
Common source of purpose restrictions are contained in the DoD ______ Authorization and Appropriation Bill
Article ____ Section _____ Clause _____ states: We can only use the appropriations, which congress provides for the purpose or purposes authorized by Congress. Article 1 Section 9 Clause 7
Who are determined to be accountable officers in the Federal Government? Certify Disbursing Officer Accountable Official
Bona Fide Need rule (time) Balance of a fixed-term appropriation is available only for payment of expenses properly incurred during the period of availability or to complete contracts properly made within that period. 31 USC 1502
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