Before the WOI

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Everything you need to know before the American War of Independence

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Before the WOI
1 Seven year war
1.1 Left Britian with a £133 million debt
2 Acts
2.1 Sugar Act
2.1.1 1764
2.1.2 Aim: to raise revenue Duty of imported molasses reduced, with Importation of Rum banned Duty on imported sugar Increased
2.1.3 Result: Resented and Ignored by the Americans
2.2 Quartering Act
2.2.1 1764
2.2.2 Billet soldiers in colonies
2.2.3 Aim was to make colonials take some responsibility in defence Result: Was resented as the army could have turned on them
2.3 Stamp Act
2.3.1 22nd March 1765
2.3.2 Aim: to help pay off debt and pay for defence in colonies ( c. £60,000 ) First attempt at direct taxation. It affected everyone On all Printing documents eg. Playing cards and newspaper Could only be bought from a stamp commissioners appointed in each colony
2.3.3 Result: Virginia's "no taxation without representation" Stamp act Congress 1765, Not VA, NH, NC, GA Boycott of goods Declaratory Act 1766
2.4 Coercive Acts
2.4.1 1774
2.4.2 Boston harbour closed British soldiers where garrisoned in locals' homes Result: stocking of arms, tensions grow
3 Townshend Duties
3.1 1767
3.2 Charles Townshend, Chancellor of the E, wanted to raise revenue
3.2.1 Resentment took 2 years
3.3 Not direct taxation ; aimed at imports, eg tea and china
4 Whats happening in boston!
4.1 Massachusetts led political opposition, all 13 colonies protest against king
4.1.1 Orders from London dissolved colonial assembles Boston led Boycott against British imports Mob violence against customs officials in Boston harbour Sam Adams and others led Boston Gazette Troops sent to Boston 1769 Tension spilled before all duties besides tea was lifted 22 Feb suspected customs officer kills 11 year old boy, Seider Sons of Liberty turned funeral into a political demonstration 2 March, workers at rope factory attack redcoats Boston Massacre 9pm 5th March 1770 Snowy night British soldier protecting customs house attacked with clubs They dared Captain Preston to fire Ice hurled at Montgomery, who fell back. He fired causing others to fire Tea act 1773 To save East India Company To hard for Americans to sell as price was too cheap Tea Boycotted: Philadelphia and NY sent back tea Boston Tea Party 1773 3 ships entered Boston Harbour carrying 114 chests of tea Crowds gathered daily to prevent unloading 16 Dec, 60 sons of L disguised as Mohawk Indians emptied 342 tea crates It was an open challenge to British Authority 5 died, 6 wounded. Dead treated like martyrs
5 First Continental Congress
5.1 Sept 1774
5.2 wanted coercive acts removed
5.2.1 First united boycott on British goods Allegiance to crown but not Parliament Colonies wanted right to determine their own defences Result George III refused to repeal C act Huge increase of troops Colonies continued stockpiling

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