The Treaty of Versailles

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The Treaty of Versailles - Key Details GCSE History

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The Treaty of Versailles
1 What parts of the treaty did the Germans resent and why?
1.1 Germany was blamed for starting the war
1.1.1 they felt this was untrue and unfair
1.2 Had to pay £6.6 billion for cost of war
1.2.1 they felt it was to much
1.3 Loss of Land
1.3.1 meant there were Germans forced to live outside of Germany
1.4 Loss of Colonies
1.4.1 the colonies had nothing to do with the war Germany felt Britain was getting to much out of the war
1.5 Military
1.5.1 Germany could have 100,000 soldiers only they were concerned France may invade
1.5.2 not allowed airforce
1.5.3 not allowed submarines
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