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Information Technology Infrastructure Library
Service Design
1 design of new services or changes to existing services
2 Purpose
2.1 design IT sevices to realise the strategy
2.2 ensure quality & cost-effective service delivery, customer satisfaction
3 Objective
3.1 design IT services so that they will require minimal improvement
4 Business Value
4.1 provision of quality, cost-effective services
4.2 reduced total cost of ownership
4.3 improved service & operational quality
4.4 improved consistency of service
4.5 easier implementation of services
4.6 services more aligned to business needs & SLAs
4.7 improved IT governance
4.8 more effective processes and service management
4.9 improved information and decision-making
5 4Ps
5.1 The organisation of People
5.2 Relevant documentation for Processes
5.3 The Product/Services and relevant technologies and tools
5.4 The Partners: suppliers, manufacturers & vendors
5.5 effective use of the 4Ps are essential for success
6 Service Design Package (SDP)
6.1 documents which define aspects & requirements of an IT service
6.2 Each new service or plans for major changes or service retirement should have an SDP
6.3 passed to Service Transition & Service Operation
6.4 May include: Business Case, Functional Requirements, Test Plans, etc
7 5 Aspects of Service Design
7.1 [S]ervice Solutions
7.2 [T]ools & service management systems
7.3 [A]rchitectures, technology & management tools the services require
7.4 [M]easurement systems, methods and metrics
7.5 [P]rocesses needed to design, transition, operate & improve the services
7.6 holostic approach incorporating all 5 aspects into service design
8 Scope
8.1 includes the design of new services, as well as changes and improvements to existing ones to meet business requirements
9 Processes
9.1 Design Coordination
9.2 Service Catalog Management
9.3 Service Level Management
9.4 Availability Management
9.5 Capacity Management
9.6 IT Service Continuity Management
9.7 Information Security Management
9.8 Supplier Management

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