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Business Studies
1 Recruitment
1.1 Selection Stages
1.1.1 Needs analysis - see if the replacement has to be made or money can be saved Job description and person specification Advertise - newspaper Applications Shortlisting Call for reference - friend and professional Interview Contract of employment
2 Organisation Chart
2.1 Terms
2.1.1 Delayering When you take a layer out of the organisation to save money, you don't usually take out the bottom layer, mainly the line managers
2.1.2 Subordinate A subordinate is someone who works under someone else, the line manager is responsible for the subordinates
2.1.3 Line Manager The line manager is someone who has subordinates, they are responsible of the subordinates, although they are under the control of the main manager
2.1.4 Hierarchy The hierahial structure is the organisational chart of which the works men of a business are displayed, people can move up or down this. The amount of power flows down, the top having the most amount of power.
2.1.5 Chain of command The chain of command flows downwards, from the main manager it would go through the line manager to reach the lower level worker.
2.1.6 Span of control Every person except for the bottom layer has a span of control. The span of control is how many people are directly below you, eg 4.
2.1.7 Staff manager The staff manager supports all staff, an example would be I.C.T Technicians. These are sometimes shown on the hierarchy, when they are they are usually at the side.
2.1.8 Delegation When you give a job to someone else. You give it to someone lower than you, but it is still your responsibility if it isn't done to a good enough standard or completed on time.
2.1.9 Centralised When the decisions are made by a small number of senior staff.
2.1.10 De-centralised When decisions are made by a lot of members of staff.
3 Motivation
3.1 Maslow's hierarchy
3.1.2 You need to work your way up the pyramid
3.1.3 You cannot go up to the next stage until all of the others below are complete
4 Entrepreneur
4.1 An entrepreneur is someone who is willing to take risks, they believe that the benefits out-way the risks
5 Methods of motivation
5.1 More money if they do a good job
5.2 Praise
5.3 Threats, eg lose some of their pay if they don't reach a certain target
5.4 Bonuses
6 Social Enterprises
6.1 Are there to support the community
6.2 A non-profit organisation
6.3 All money made is put back into the company
7 Benefits of having motivated staff
7.1 Work harder
7.1.1 More produce More profit
7.2 Happier atmosphere
8 Why people set up a business
8.1 They are unable to get a job
8.1.1 Have a criminal record
8.1.2 Don't have good qualifications
8.2 Want to be their own boss
8.3 Keep all of the profits to themselves
8.3.1 Make more money
8.4 Want to help others
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