Brazil Revision - Overall

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Brazil Revision - Overall
  1. The effect of the Olympics
    1. Positive Reasons for the 2016 Rio Olympics
      1. New job openings
        1. Country will recieve sponsors
          1. The city gets cleaned
            1. Encourages tourists
              1. Puts the place on the map
              2. Negative Reasons for the 2016 Rio Olympics
                1. More Carbon Dioxide emissions
                  1. Cities will become overcrowded
                    1. Traffic and more noise pollution
                      1. Poorer people, in favelas, may get evicted
                        1. People may disagree with the idea of hosting
                      2. A melting pot - is a metaphorical term for a society that is multicultural and describes people from all over the world migrating to Brazil.
                        1. Living in a multicultural society is good for many reasons
                          1. When living in a multicultural society can also have an affect on intellectual developments as the acceptance of ideas occurs, resulting in the understanding of the beliefs of others
                            1. Living in a multicultural society encourages of all nations and promotes a peaceful living environment. This is because an understanding of how religious or historical beliefs can be interpreted in many ways is developed.
                              1. Living in a multicultural society helps people learn about different cultures, religions and historical traditions, which would result in a more open minded society where people could view situations empathetically
                            2. Brazil's bordering Countries
                              1. The Rainforest
                                1. Deforestation
                                  1. Deforestation is the act of removing trees from a forest, be it for timber; wood, rubber extraction or producing paper. Logging and Cattle Ranching are examples of deforestation
                                    1. Cattle Ranchers will remove trees for pasture (grazing land) for their cattle until a point in time when the land becomes infertile.
                                  2. Adaptations
                                    1. Tall trees have developed butress roots, so they can with stand storms.
                                      1. As the soil in most rainforests is poor, trees and plants have adapted to have roots that 'grab' nutrients
                                        1. Structure of the Rainforest
                                          1. Importance of The Rainforest
                                            1. The Rainforest is important as it provides cures for terminal illness' such as cancer, Alzheimer's and many more
                                              1. The Rainforest is known as the world's lungs
                                            2. Species like fern have adapted to develop large leaves which are green all year round, and can trap as much light as possible
                                              1. The paradise tree snake has adapted and can flatten its body and glide through the air, and changes direction by moving the coils in its tail.
                                            3. Inequality
                                              1. Favelas
                                                1. A favela is a temporary home, similar to slums, that is home to Brazilian's living in poverty.
                                                  1. The former capital city of Brazil - Rio De Janeiro - became a location where many people would choose to search for work. As this happened the area became overcrowded and many people moved into the mountains and built temporary housing that isn't actulally legal. As the housing progressed futher up the mountains the quality worsened and in the event of a land slide these houses would be destroyed first.
                                                  2. There is inequality in Brazil because land owners pay vulnerable citizens to work for them and pay they are paid poorly - resulting in richer land owners and poorer citizens
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