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Sab9#41y42_Scope Documents_Scope Types
1 Scope Types
1.1 Project Scope
1.1.1 Is all the work that needs to be done to make the product
1.1.2 Work: -Plans, -Coordination, -Administrative activities
1.2 Product Scope
1.2.1 This means the features and funtions of the product or service that you and your team are building
1.2.2 Final result: -Product requirements, -Features
2 Scope Documents
2.1 Scope Management Plan
2.1.1 Includes: how is defined, develops, monitors, verifies the scope
2.2 Project Scope Statement
2.2.1 It is a written description of the project deliverables and the work required to create those deliverables
2.2.2 Scope Description
2.2.3 Acceptance criteria
2.2.4 Restrictions
2.2.5 Deliverables
2.2.6 Exclusions
2.2.7 Assumptions
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