Tudors 1483-1529

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Tudors 1483-1529
1 Henry Tudor
1.1 Spent 14 years in France, made friends and material support in this time
1.1.1 As Henry was friends with the French, they gave him money and ships in order to launch his invasion. Foreign support was key. Henrys army was strengthened by the french mercenaries under Philibert de Chandee Chans dee'expert tactics that he got from the Swiss and his mercenaries helped Tudor win as Richard had no tactics Tudor's army was increased by 800 men when Sir Richard Corbet joined Henry Tudor V Richard III at the Battle of Bosworth 1485 22nd August Henry won the battle as his tactics were key, he had more foreign support and Stanley's joined his side during the battle after turning on Richard. Tudor landed in wales with an army of 500 men, supported by 1,500 french troops, Rhys ap Thomas and his 800 men, then a further 500 with William ap Gruffud. An army of 5,000 men. King Richard had atleast double that amount.
1.2 He had a weak claim to the throne, his mother- Margaret Beaufort a direct descendant of King Edward III. His father- Edmund Tudor was the son of a French Princess who was married to King Henry V
1.3 became king in August 21st 1485
1.3.1 He changed the date that he became king as the battle was the 22nd so anyone who fought against him was done for treason
2 War of the Rose's 1455-1485
2.1 Series of battles and rebellions that took place in England. Fought between two noble families who claimed the throne for themselves.The House of York ( White Rose) and House of Lancaster ( Red Rose)
3 Richard III
3.1 He had seized the throne and made parliament proclaim him as King Richard III. He imprisoned the two princes ( Edward and Richard) in the tower of London, declared his brothers marriage to Elizabeth Woodville to be illegal, their children to be illegitimate and that disqualified them from claiming the throne
3.1.1 The two princes were never seen again and Richard appeared to have murdered them. This split the support of the Yorkist for Richard and gave hope to the Lancastrians to seize the throne
3.2 He had lost the Battle of Bosworth for many reasons; his reign had weakened him economically. Stanley suddenly changing sides. Tactical errors on the day as he rushed out and was defenceless
3.3 became king in July 1483
4 Pretenders to the throne
4.1 Perkin Warbeck
4.1.1 Pretending to be Prince Richard ( youngest prince in the tower) he claimed to be an heir to the throne. He had the backing of France, King Charles VIII was eager to distract Henry, Warbeck also had relations with the Scots. In 1497, Henry made peace in the Truce of Ayton with Scotland. Warbeck fled to Ireland which he got no support from so he landed in Cornwall hoping to get support, but failed. He was arrested and executed on November 1499
4.2 Lambert Simnel
4.2.1 Simnel was taken to Ireland where the irish crowned him as King Edward VI. Margaret of Burgundy sent him money and 2000 troops since he was stated he was her nephew. John de la Pole and Lord Lovell gave their support and landed in England in June 1987. They were defeated at the Battle of Stoke in Nottinghamshire. John de la Pole was killed in battle, Lord Lovell died soon after and Lambert Simnel was given a job in Royal Service.
5 Buckingham Rebellion 1483
5.1 11 October- Richard III, in Lincoln, learns that buckingham backs the rebels in Kent, 15 October- Heavy storm blows over England causing rivers to flood. 18 October- Rebels gather in Exeter, Buckingham invites Henry Tudor to invade.
5.1.1 28 October- The King secures Salisbury. 2 November- Buckingham is executed for treason. 8 November - Most of the rebel leaders flee from England
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