Flood Management

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Geography (Flooding and Flood Management) Mind Map on Flood Management, created by Jack EJ on 01/06/2014.

Jack EJ
Created by Jack EJ almost 6 years ago
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Flood Management
1 Structural Methods
1.1 Flood walls
1.2 Embankments
1.3 Levees
2 Channel Improvements
2.1 Deepening/Widening
2.2 Straightening
3 Relief Channels
3.1 Redirect excess water
4 Storage Reservoirs
4.1 Low cost land in the upland areas of the catchment basin used as water storage
4.2 Can be doubled up as water supply for urban areas
5 Flood Interception
5.1 Includes re-routing a river, using new channels to store excess water, and enhancing embankments to contain more water
5.2 Low cost and unused land may also be used be allowed to flood in times of high water
6 Basin Management
6.1 Managing land use in the river basin to reduce the likelihood of flooding, as well as the damage it will do if it occurs
7 Flood Abatement
7.1 Managing the use of land upstream to reduce the risk of flooding downstream. Includes afforestation, contour ploughing, and marsh rejuvenation
8 Flood Proofing
8.1 Can be temporary or permanent but involves buildings to be constructed or adapted to withstand floodwater
8.2 Ground floor parking, flood gates and waterproof walling are all examples
9 Floodplain Zoning
9.1 Mapping out land dependent on risk of flooding and using it accordingly, low level land can be used for playing fields where as higher land can be built upon
10 Flood Prediction and Warning
10.1 All rivers are monitored by the EA who, in times of flood risk, will alert people in danger of precautions to take
10.2 Automatic rain gauges, electronic detectors and weather checks are all used to ensure the maximum warning is given to people at risk of flooding

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